Expert Doctor Points Out Dangers of Leaky Gut Syndrome

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A well-known doctor and gut health expert has pointed out three causes of stomach problems that seniors would be helped to know about. 

Dr. Vincent Pedre, who has appeared on Dr. Oz and Good Morning America, warns of the dangers of leaky gut syndrome, which he says is caused by three factors:

> Gluten

> Non-prescription over-the-counter drugs

> Stress

Leaky gut is a disorder in which toxins from the intestine leak through the intestinal walls and infect other parts of the body. Such toxins should be excreted out of one’s system. Dr. Pedre quoted one study in which German and Polish scientists showed a relation between gastrointestinal disorders and increased intestinal permeability, or leaky gut. 


“It’s easy for gluten to slip into your diet these days because nearly all processed foods contain some amount of gluten,” Dr. Pedre said. “In the last fifty years, we’ve genetically modified wheat so much that the amount of gluten inside the plant, that gluten has nearly doubled!”

What is key is protecting the intestinal lining, he said. Gut lining is the very thin layer of cells that are located along the inside of both the large and small intestines. “When gluten proteins hit your gut, your gut becomes more permeable.”

Non-Prescription Drugs

The second cause of intestinal problems is non-prescription over-the-counter drugs, Dr. Pedre said. One example is iboprofin, and another is heartburn medications.

The website WebMD warns against occasional problems with medication:

Most of the time, medicines make you feel better. But some can upset your stomach or cause other trouble with your digestive system. If you have issues like this, talk with your doctor. She might suggest something else or suggest you change your dose.


The third cause of intestinal problems, which he calls “gut busters,” is everyday stress. People today are stressed about the future of our nation, he said, quoting the American Psychological Association. 

Stomach Feel Lousy?

Dr. Pedre is one of many intestinal experts who warn about foods we eat that are harmful to the body. If you are feeling lousy, struggling with digestive issues such as bloating, heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea, craving bad foods, or have gained extra weight, it could be that you should change your eating and medication habits.

Are Supplements Necessary?

While Dr. Pedre as well as other doctors sell their own brand of supplements, not all doctors agree on how much they are needed. The American Heart Association says, in an article, “Vitamin Supplements: Hype or Help for Healthy Eating,” 

Supplements can be beneficial, but the key to vitamin and mineral success is eating a balanced diet. Before taking vitamin and mineral supplements, talk to your physician about your personal dietary plan.

The nutrition expert Dr. Joseph Mercola said that, “Most supplements are unnecessary if people eat a healthy diet.” (Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Program, pg. 57)

Morning Routine that Cleanses Your Gut

The motivational writer Brian Wright, in his blog The Life Synthesis, outlines six practices that should be done every morning that will cleanse your intestines and get you started on a good day:

  1. Your morning routine starts the night before – turn off your phone, get adequate sleep and wake up with a peaceful sounding alarm.
  2. Have your honey, warm water, lemon juice mixture already prepared. If you have probiotic supplements, take them.
  3. Do some short, harmless breathing. If you wake up in a frenzy, and mad elephant yourself through your house trying to get ready, you’re only shooting yourself in the foot. 5 minutes should be good. Chill out.
  4. Make yourself a green smoothie for breakfast. Include turmeric for spice, leafy greens, psyllium husk, and some berries to sweeten it up!
  5. Can you exercise in the morning? Even a short walk will be good for you.
  6. Pack some yogurt for work if you can shake it!

A caretaker can be a great help in preparing meals to make sure that your senior maintains a healthy gastrointestinal system and starts the day right! Why not call Destiny Senior Care at the number on the top of this page to find out more about home care? Or contact us by email.