The Elderly Are Often Unaware of the Dangers of Falling

Is your elderly mom or dad in danger of falling down at home?

They might be at risk … and yet neither you nor they might not be aware of this.

In our video above, we talk about a recent study that has shown that older adults often underestimate their ability to avoid falling.

A news article mentioned a study by the New England Journal of Medicine, which said that the elderly are often unaware of the increased risk until they have fallen for the first time.

We know of a healthy man in his late 80’s who used to walk twenty minutes every day for exercise. One day he fell in the bathroom and could not get up for days. His family finally came and was able to find a safer living environment for him.

But it could have been a tragedy.

Could this happen to your elderly loved one? Here are five ways to make your senior’s home safer:

    1. Remove throw rugs and scatter mats from high-traffic areas.
    2. Put in non-skid mats in the bathtub to prevent slipping.
    3. Handlebars in the shower or tub area.
    4. A grab bar next to the toilet.
    5. Side rails for the bed for ease in getting up.

Remember, 90% of falls happen at home. If there’s a quick movement, with no safety measures, your loved one is trapped.

Broken bones can bring devastation to one’s life in seconds.

Routine daily activities can become hazardous – especially when living alone.

Does your senior show any signs that a fall might be imminent? It might come unexpectedly.

Be prepared. Home care is the answer! With home care, caregivers are employed on a daily basis to look after your loved one. They keep them safe and help with their activities of daily living.

Caregivers trained by Destiny Senior Care are well qualified and background-checked to provide the best care of your loved one.

We make sure that the caregiver we choose for you is matched in personality with your loved one.

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