Elderly man fallen on bathroom floor

Don’t Let Mom or Dad Fall!

A recent study has shown that the elderly are often unaware of the dangers of falling before their first fall. Learn about the risks in this new video.

Caregiver helping an elderly man to walk

Older Adults Aren’t Aware of Their Risk of Falling

Seniors are often unaware of their risk of falling.

Older adults often underestimate their ability to avoid falling, says a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The elderly are often unaware of their increased risk until they have fallen for the first time, according to the study, reported in the Medscape Medical News.

This is why caregivers are employed to look after the elderly on a daily basis. A good home care agency will ensure there are none of the many fall-related risk factors in the home. (See our video on the dangers of falling.)

Are you looking for in-home care or a companion for your loved one to minimize their risk of falling?

First Step to Avoid Falling

The first step is to find the right person to care for your loved one. This can be very difficult emotionally. When you were growing up, your Mom or Dad was always the one making sure you were okay. But now that role has shifted.

Your parent, or your loved one thinks they don’t need any help and sometimes they don’t want any help. And yes, they can be stubborn about it.

They’re used to being at home alone, and they prefer it that way. But what is the alternative? What if your loved one falls, hits their head, and gets hurt badly?

Questions About Safety

Other questions may come to mind if they are unsteady on their feet. What will they eat? Who’s going to cook for them? Who’s going to take them to their appointments?

What about their medication? What if they take the wrong dosage?

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